Taking care of your smartphone battery is crucial for it to work efficiently over a longer time period rather than fast draining, negative or slow charging. There are many possible causes to it. Your phone taking forever to charge can be frustrating and inconvenient in times of use. Battery issues can lead to your phone not even holding a complete hour of power.

In this article, we will talk about the possible reasons and solutions to speed the charging process. With due tips and suggestions, readers can also confirm if their battery needs to be repaired or replaced.

Few Reasons to Slow Charging

If you have recently noticed that you phone is taking more time than usual to charge, there could be several reasons behind it including:

Faulty Phone Charger

A charger consists of an adapter and cable. Faults in any of the two can impact charging. A damaged or malfunctioning charger can impact the voltage and amperage, ultimately causing your phone to charge slowly. This can add to the overall inefficiency of your phone causing your battery to work more than it should.

Background Apps

Too many apps running at the back can contribute to slow charging. It uses more resources of your phone using more battery power while it is also simultaneously charging.

Battery Health

Every phone has a battery health number which determines the efficiency of any battery to sustain usage. Battery health is also bound to degrade over the course of time depending on age and usage. Older batteries with health below 80 require more time to charge compared to new ones.

Using Phone While Charging

If you also use your phone while charging, it may take more time than required because of simultaneous battery consumption.

Using Wrong Charger

If you are using a charger that is not designed for your phone, it may not provide the required voltage to support your device’s battery charging.

Software Updates

Newer software updates as they are launched, degrade the efficiency of older device models. Sometimes the culprits behind slow charging are new software updates.

Tips and Suggestions for Fast Charging

  • Use a fast charger that has good reviews and ratings and will support fast and sustained charging.
  • Switch your device to airplane mode and close background apps and processes to charge faster.
  • Use a wall socket rather than a secondary source such as a laptop for charging.
  • Replace your battery if it shows signs of malfunction to a new one for better device functioning.

In Conclusion

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