Taking forever to charge your electronic gadgets, be it your iPhone or iPad can be frustrating and take up more waiting time to resume work or general use. There are a number of reasons why your iPad is charging slowly. In order to overcome this issue, keep a lookout for the following things!

Low Power USB Port Or Adaptor

While it is advised to charge your apple products with their original chargers, if you are experiencing slow charging, it can be due to issues with your charging equipment. Using a low power USB port or adapter can significantly increase charging times. Using a faulty charger or using your phone charger to charge your iPad can also influence charging speed.

Too Many Running Background Apps

Another common reason known to reduce the efficiency of fast charging can be too many apps running in the background. In order to overcome this issue, it is advised to double click the home button or swipe the center of your home display and remove all previously opened apps.

Poor Quality Cable

A charging cable has a life given the everyday rigor. If your cable has given up on you with shaved ends and weakened connectors, it is time to purchase a new one. A poor-quality cable can be the culprit for slow iPad charging.

Faulty Battery

Overtime, your battery health can reduce resulting in slow charging and retaining. If you are experiencing slow charging because of a battery which needs service, it is directing you to battery repair or replacement.
In this case, if your tablet is under warranty, you might want to contact the Apple store directly for assistance and they can cover for your battery replacement. However, if your warranty time has passed, it is important to refer to a trusted, professional and reliable cell phone repair service.

Software Updates

Newer software updates can likely degrade the working efficiency of older models. Hence, it is possible that new software updates or failing to upgrade are the reasons behind slow charging.

Troubleshooting Ideas For iPad Charging Slowly

  • Stop charging your phone with your desktop, or laptop.
  • Use the designated adapter and cable to charge your iPad.
  • Reboot your iPad to fix any software issues.
  • Try switching a different adapter or cable to track the equipment issue.
  • Check your battery health to see if it needs service.
  • Buy a faster charger and don’t use your iPad while charging.

Final Words

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