Have you ever felt that irk in your stomach when your phone suddenly slips off your grip and falls onto the ground? The moment after, followed by countless prayers until you bend down and see for the damage yourself – Whether it is a crack, broken jack or your phone has decided to entirely call quits on you?

In prevailing times there has been an increasing competition in the tech field. Multiple vendors will suggest varying cell phone screen replacement and repair solutions. It is extremely important to learn and know some of the common cell phone screen replacement and repair jargon – involving the meaning, cost and relative resourceful information in order to stay aware and cautious from sellers who will conveniently upsell their services or charge unreasonably.

With their way of conversing if you also don’t want to get carried away into spending extra bucks for a seemingly straightforward issue – keep reading this blog!

When Do You Need a Screen Repair?

Mobile phone screens have three layers – glass, a digitizer and LCD screen. If your mobile phone has been cracked but the touch and display seem to work fine, you might want to go for a cell phone screen repair rather than replacement. Screen repairs cater to problems such as:

  • Replacing broken, cracked glass or plastic film
  • Cleaning dust and moisture trapped between screens
  • Resoldering broken connectors
  • Replacing cable and inverter

When Do You Need a Screen Replacement?

Cell phone screen repair or replacement depends on the extensivity of damage on your screen. If the damage is severe and repair is too costly and risky, it is best to get the screen replaced.

Mobile phones and gadgets are inherently indispensable in nature so you might want to quickly head to the repair shop. This is mostly done when the screen blacks out or does not respond to touch and fingerprints or the screen is beyond repair. A replacement will involve getting the same screen of a trusted company that follows similar protocols of your phone.

Comparing the Two – Cell Phone Screen Replacement and Repair

While both are viable screen fixes, here are things that you must take into account before taking a decision.

  • Cost of repair and replacement
  • Availability of desired parts
  • Warranty and insurance of your mobile
  • Age and condition of your device
  • Expected lifespan and quality of the availed service
  • Risk of the repair or replacement

If the damage is minor, affordable, easy and the device is still under warranty, it is best to get the screen repaired. In contrast, if the screen fixing is risky and expensive it may be best to replace the entire screen structure for a long-term and durable solution.

In conclusion:

Whether you are looking for a cell phone screen repair or replacement, Electro Deals & Cell Phone Repair is your answer to all tech related queries and services. Visit our workshop or call us at (972) 901-0136 to get your screen and life resumed!

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