Mobile phone batteries are suspected to lose their life overtime. We often hear people speak about battery health and how it is performing over time. Even the best smartphones start to decline, and one the most noticeable changes happen with the battery. In this blog, we will talk about the possible reasons which refer users to a battery replacement!

Your Phone Is Constantly Out Of Battery

One of the easiest ways to figure out whether your smartphone battery needs replacement is noticing how often you need to charge your phone. A well functioning battery can retain its power over a complete day or more, given the usage needs. However, if you are noticing that you have to constantly charge your phone every few hours, there is something wrong with your battery and replacing it might be the only solution!

Decreased Battery Life

Overtime, your battery naturally loses its functioning capacity. It is also called chemical aging, this means that your battery does not retain charge for longer. A decreased battery health is a common sign that tells you when you should replace it. While chemical aging is the most apparent reason for your battery’s decreased lifespan, other factors which can impact its capacity are software updates, power-draining apps, and frequent and continuous phone usage.

Slow Charging or No Charging at All

While there can be many reasons to troubleshoot when your phone decides to call quits on charging. These can include a dirty charging port, broken charging cables or faulty charges. If fixing them fails to remedy the issue, your battery can be the culprit. If you have found that your batter is causing the issue of slow or no charging at all – it can compromise your ability to use your device altogether. You may also experience sudden phone shut downs, even when your battery percentage is high or at full charge. It is recommended not to ignore these signs and go for a battery replacement to restore the function of your cell phone.

Overheated Phone

If your device gets heated excessively, this could be an indication that you need a battery replacement. Overheating, however, can occur if you use apps that take most power or are using your phone for longer periods. Ruling out these issues can help diagnose the actual problem. A failing battery can also be the source of your issue, it can lead to over working the system. Which can lead to lessening the life of your battery and phone both.

Battery Swelling

Swelling occurring on the parts of your battery is a leading sign of malfunction, this is caused by battery degradation which causes chemical buildup and gas release. This can also lead to chemical leakage, harming your phone or posing a severe threat. If you are noticing that your battery is swelling or leaking. Take it to the mobile repair shop at your earliest.

Final Words

Your battery life can decline over years. While there are chances you can repair your existing battery, replacing it sometimes becomes your final resort. If you are suscepting signs of slow charging, power retention, battery swelling, phone overheating – a battery malfunction could be the reason.

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