If you have purchased the new and latest iPhone 15 or pro max, avail your chance to experiment and use the latest accessories made for it.

Screen Protector

One of the most standard protective solutions to avoid scratches on your screen is getting a screen protector. You can either get a tempered glass protector, tinted, privacy, frosted, hydrogel and many more options! Talk to the service provider for the best screen protector which will maintain the look of your screen while providing safety.

Pop Socket

A pop socket is one of the most efficient and convenient purchases for all iPhone users. It offers a great solution for slippery iPhones. They now come in different varieties in terms of color, designs and grips making them an increasingly versatile option. it easily snaps onto your phone with a super strong and sturdy attachment.

Thanks to new Magsafe connectors that now users have an alternative to phone cases, making it easier to hold onto your phone and not fearing any slips or drops. And kudos, it also works as a stand so you don’t have to hold it for hours while binge watching videos or shows!

Fast Charging Adapter

If you’re maintaining the traditional use of chargers, go for a fast charging adapter and cable that supports your Iphone 15. Say goodbye to prolonged charging hours!

Wireless Charging Stations

Free yourself from the worries of handling too many chargers for your phone, AirPods, or Apple watch. You can opt for a wireless charging station instead where you can place all your gadgets onto the charging slot with fast-charging.

Power Bank with Built-in USB-C

Apart from the software updates and changes in the new iPhone 15, you also get to have a USB-C charging port. You can buy yourself a USB-C portable power bank for your iphone 15 or pro. Choose the model which provides fast charging and an advanced display for current battery and usage details.

Mobile Phone Case

Apple accessories also include the use of a protective case. A case should be shock proof that ensures that all sides and camera is protected in case of tripping your phone.

Apple AirPods

If you are someone who takes meetings on the go or is used to listening to songs, Apple Airpods can be the best wireless earbuds for you. With great Bluetooth connectivity and active noise canceling, better design, longer battery life and better sound – all your listening and speaking needs will be covered.

Apple AirTags

Upon misplacing things, AirTags make it easier to locate your frequently used things whether keys, wallet or other things. Keep a track with this portable Bluetooth tag. AirTags are compatible with iPhone and offer great convenience in case of misplacement or losing out on valuables.

Final Words

Supporting your new iPhone with dedicated accessories can uplift your user experience. If you are looking for an iPhone accessory, Electro Deals and Cellphone Repair can provide relevant options!

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