Let us talk about the differences between a locked and an unlocked iPhone. What is the lock imposed for, is it a form of passcode or a general lock that the retailer has to put as a secret code to unlock a new phone? Let’s dig in directly!

Locked iPhone and unlocked ones have one defining difference and it is the carrier restrictions. A locked phone qualifies for an iPhone that is operated by a single carrier – T Mobile or Verizon. While an unlocked phone works on any of the different carriers. This happens because certain people are not aware of the fact that the iPhone they might be purchasing can be locked so it is always a good idea to ask and check on your end. Other reasons may include, if you are buying your phone in Dallas TX from a specific carrier retailer, there are high chances that the iPhone is carrier locked by that particular cell service. Locked and unlocked iPhone in Dallas have varying prices, while locked iPhone are lesser in price. Unlocked iPhones that you directly get from Apple stores in Dallas TX are marked at a higher rate but provide full operating options.

So, for example if you purchase your iPhone from Verizon, your phone might never work on any other carriers. This may be either for a calculated time period or indefinite which makes it important to ask the person you are purchasing your iPhone from. This is because every service uses different antennas and your device IMEI has to support both in order to work perfectly on either of the two carriers.

Now that we have built considerable on the main differences of a locked and unlocked iPhone, let us dig into some of the important questions that will help make you a smart purchase.

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Is it better to get an unlocked or locked iPhone?

Unlocked iPhone in Dallas TX, or even across USA for that matter, is a practically viable choice. Unlocked iPhones are often priced higher but give the user the freedom to change plans and carrier according to better connectivity and service. The extra might also be worth paying if you travel internationally! They generally have a higher reselling rate as compared to locked phones.

Can a locked iPhone be unlocked?

A locked iPhone can only be unlocked if you reach out to the carrier directly and if their policy and payment structure allows it, they might be the right ones to unlock the phone for you!

What are the criterias for unlocking your iPhone?

Different carriers have different policies until you can unlock your device. T-Mobile operates on a policy that requires the user to stay on their service for 60 days. The company then requires for 14-day downtime to process any unlocking. While Verizon automatically removes the lock until 60 days too.

In conclusion

The main factor that differentiates from a locked and unlocked phone in Dallas TX is mainly carrier related. Unlocked ones can be operated on any service while locked iPhone may work on a designated one.

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