When it comes to buying new smartphones, there are many questions users’ have to consider. One of which is, is it better to buy an unlocked or locked phone. Let’s break this question down for a more clear answer.

Locked VS Unlocked Phones: What is The Difference

Before getting into the details of buying – let us build on the two differentiating concepts in smartphones.

  1. Carrier Options
    An unlocked phone is primarily different from a locked phone by its ability to operate on multiple carriers. While locked phones can only work on a single carrier.
    While having multiple options in carriers in unlocked phones, you can also switch providers as desired to secure the best coverage and internet plans which fit your needs best. You don’t have that freedom in unlocked phones.
  2. Resale Value
    In addition to that, unlocked phones have a relatively higher resale value than locked phones. You will typically get more money when you sell a used unlocked phone because buyers can enjoy more choices when it comes to carriers. Locked phones have less resale value.
  3. International Connectivity
    As a frequent international traveler, unlocked phones can be activated with any foreign carrier which is compatible with the phone’s technology. This allows you to pay local rates rather than higher roaming charges or having no internet at all – which is the case with locked phones.
  4. Greater Coverage Options
    In contrast, a locked phone prevents the user from exploring options given their carrier or international options. You may have to stick with the same carrier given the low coverage and less benefitting plans for use.

Upsides of Buying Locked Phones

While there are very slim advantages to buying a locked phone, you can still consider it as an option!

Locked devices are usually priced lower than unlocked devices due to the carrier lock. They also provide customer support from carriers regarding battery replacements, technical support and other issues.

Carriers also offer insurance plans with locked devices in many cases. You must go through the warranty guidelines before purchasing a locked phone.

While locked phones are not locked for a lifetime. They still have certain months or years where the user has to use their network. Once the given time has passed, you may be allowed to change the carrier.

Upsides of Buying Unlocked Phones

Unlocked phones primarily provide you a freedom to choose and switch carriers. Unlocked devices are also compatible with multiple networks. This enables you to connect to any wireless carrier worldwide.

You can sell or trade them to a higher resale value due to the inherent freedom to choose, swap or switch networks. Unlocked phones don’t have any limitations on apps and software too!

Deciding Between The Two – Locked VS Unlocked Phones

Unlocked and locked phones work similarly and fulfill all your smartphone needs. It is just that you have to assess your everyday needs and desired connectivity.

If you are on a tight budget and have back-up mobile plans for traveling. Either of these two network coverages – Verizon or T-Mobile are great in your area. While also you don’t have any plans on moving for 2+ years – an unlocked phone can suffice.

On the other hand, if you are on a daily run from home to work to gym and social gatherings. And need optimal connectivity at all times. If you are also a frequent traveler and don’t mind the price tag – unlocked phones are a great option!

If you are given an option between the two – unlocked phones should always be your go-to option.

Overall Summary

Unlocked VS locked phones is a long debate. We have listed the pros of each. However, the final decision of buying an unlocked or locked phone revolves around users’ connectivity and personal preferences.

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