There is truly no bigger catastrophe than realizing the back of your iPhone 14 Pro Max is broken! It is not only the screen that shatters into pieces but also the heart of the user — their precious phone just cracked. But all is not over yet, and you can still fix the screen of your iPhone by going to a credible repair shop. So, how much does it cost to fix the back of an iPhone 14 Pro Max? Continue reading to learn and contact a credible store for iPhone Repair in Dallas, TX.

Cost of Fixing Back of an iPhone 14 Pro Max

Generally, the cost of back glass repair for iPhone 14 Pro Max is $499 to $549 from the official stores. You might be able to find a service with lower costs by opting for an independent store that offers repairs.

Keep Your iPhone 14 Pro Max Safe from Scratches or Worse

Since the iPhone 14 Pro Max comes with a glass back, it can be pretty susceptible to breakage. When you opt for repair, they can come with a heavy price tag unless you have insurance or you go for an independent store. iPhone Pro Max comes with a similar design as its predecessors, so repair services might not be that different.

You can make sure your iPhone 14 Pro Max does not have a broken back glass by practicing a few precautions. So, follow these tips to save yourself the travesty of a broken phone:

  1. Avoid Keeping Your Keys & iPhone Pro Max Together
    When you are leaving in a hurry, you might grab your iPhone 14 Pro Max and keys together while you are making a mental list of things to keep — this can be pretty damaging for the device! When you stuff the keys in the same pocket as your phone, it can lead to long-lasting scratches on the screen and even the back.
  2. Keep Your Device on a Flat or Stable Surface
    Be mindful of where you keep your iPhone; it can easily slip off on a sloppy surface. It can all happen really fast; one moment, you keep your device, and before you know it, it slips. If you are not in the mood to part ways with your iPhone 14 Pro Max, make sure to always keep it on a flat and stable surface.
  3. Invest in an iPhone Cases
    You might love the glass back of your iPhone, but that is exactly why you have to protect it. You can find many designs that fit your aesthetic and make your iPhone 14 Pro Max stand out while keeping the back glass safe from any possible cracks. So, look for iPhone cases to prevent damage!

Contact Us for iPhone Repair!

No one wants their iPhone 14 Pro Max to suffer from damage, but it can still happen. If you are looking to repair the back of your iPhone 14 Pro Max, look no further than Electro Deals & Cell Phone Repair! Contact us at (972) 901-0136, and look forward to affordable solutions.

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