Upon the many miseries that your smartphone can survive, one of them includes falling in water. Whether it mistakenly slipped off in the toilet, or your clumsy friend dropped a glass of water onto it, or you unknowingly took a dip in a swimming pool with it. There are many ways that it can come across life threatening situations when it comes in contact with liquid.

However, companies have recently introduced waterproofing in their phone bodies but does that even guarantee a full proof solution. Let’s discuss some of the few ways you can prepare if the worst comes to you. These steps will give you a direction on what to do if your smartphone falls into water.

Retrieve it as soon as possible. Do not fret over a situation after it has occurred. Rather extend your hand to rescue your phone as quickly as possible. The longer it stays in, the higher the chances of damage.

Once it is taken out, power it off as your second step. Do not start to press the buttons or screens to see if it is working or not. As you switch it off, remove the case, sim card tray, battery (if removable).

Do not start to blow-dry your phone as it can do more bad than good! Else, wipe with a tissue or towel making sure your device is dried up completely. All slots must be checked that no water remains. Blow out air in the charging jack and SIM slot to ensure that there is water nowhere.

In order to speed up the evaporation process, keep it under sunlight or even bed lamp works. Do not microwave your phone!

Desiccants are those small bead packs that you get with your new shoes or bags. If you have collected them somewhere, they can be of help in this situation. Put 4-5 silica gel in a zip-lock bag as they are known to absorb humidity very well.

As most people, the first instance for recovering wet phones is placing them into a rice jar. However, we hate to break this for you – the rice hack isn’t as effective and takes plenty of time to take effect. Rice can also get stuck inside your phone.

Your last and final option after you have resorted to all hacks and DIY’s, is to take your phone to your trusted repair shop. A professional repair shop is equipped with the right expertise and equipment to treat your water damaged phone. Just make sure you go to a certified shop that is known within your area. If your phone is still under warranty, you can also take it directly to the store.

In Conclusion

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