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Signs Your Phone Needs A Battery Replacement

Jun 30, 202445 Views

Mobile phone batteries are suspected to lose their life overtime. We often hear people speak about battery health and how it is performing over time. Even the best smartphones start to decline, and one the most noticeable changes happen with the battery. In this blog, we will talk about the possible reasons which refer users […]

Is It Better To Buy An Unlocked Or Locked Phone?

Jun 15, 202491 Views

When it comes to buying new smartphones, there are many questions users’ have to consider. One of which is, is it better to buy an unlocked or locked phone. Let’s break this question down for a more clear answer. Locked VS Unlocked Phones: What is The Difference Before getting into the details of buying – […]

Is It Worth To Buy Used Phones?

May 30, 202462 Views

In the world we live in today, it is almost impossible to imagine a life without a smartphone. Whether it is about keeping touch with our friends and family, navigating routes or getting information and news from multiple forums – a smartphone has become our fellow companion. Speaking in light of the cost POV, smartphones […]

How Much Is An iPhone 15 Pro Max Screen Replacement?

May 15, 202498 Views

It is quite common that mobile phones can run into problems. However, repairing costs do not remain the same for each. When we talk about iPhone 15 Pro repairs, the cost can vary depending on the type of damage for example back glass damage, cracked screen, rear camera issues or battery replacement. The total cost […]

Must Have Accessories For Your New Iphone 15!

Apr 30, 202499 Views

If you have purchased the new and latest iPhone 15 or pro max, avail your chance to experiment and use the latest accessories made for it. Screen Protector One of the most standard protective solutions to avoid scratches on your screen is getting a screen protector. You can either get a tempered glass protector, tinted, […]

5 Easy Fixes For Your Overheated Phone

Apr 15, 202482 Views

Have you ever wondered why your smartphone heats upon using, charging or even if not in use. In this blog, we will determine the causes of phone overheating and a few important tips to overcome or avoid it. Phones are made up of high-powered processors with advanced cooling systems to keep the internal temperature from […]

How Can You Unlock A Locked Iphone?

Mar 30, 202488 Views

Locked iphones restrict the use of a different carrier on your phone. Unlocking an iPhone means that you can use it with multiple carriers. In order to unlock a locked iPhone, use these steps. How Can You Find If Your iPhone Is Locked? You can find out if your iPhone is locked by going to […]

Why Is My Ipad Charging Slowly?

Mar 15, 202487 Views

Taking forever to charge your electronic gadgets, be it your iPhone or iPad can be frustrating and take up more waiting time to resume work or general use. There are a number of reasons why your iPad is charging slowly. In order to overcome this issue, keep a lookout for the following things! Low Power […]

What Type Of Screen Protector Is Best For An Iphone?

Feb 29, 2024133 Views

We all know that cellphone prices have skyrocketed and iPhone is really on the far expensive end. In order to protect our phones from everyday damage and scratches, it is important to invest in the right equipment. While you have an option to fix or replace your phone’s screen, a screen protector adds a layer […]

Here Are Some Ways To Save A Wet Smartphone!

Feb 15, 2024141 Views

Upon the many miseries that your smartphone can survive, one of them includes falling in water. Whether it mistakenly slipped off in the toilet, or your clumsy friend dropped a glass of water onto it, or you unknowingly took a dip in a swimming pool with it. There are many ways that it can come […]

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