Have you ever wondered why your smartphone heats upon using, charging or even if not in use. In this blog, we will determine the causes of phone overheating and a few important tips to overcome or avoid it.

Phones are made up of high-powered processors with advanced cooling systems to keep the internal temperature from rising. However, phones can still emit unusual heat upon use. This is especially true with older models. Any activity that might strain your phone’s processor including playing games, shooting high resolution videos, switching between too many apps, or using prolonged 4g on your device. There is no apparent reason but here are some ways you can keep your phone’s temperature under control.

Check For Malware

Smartphones are susceptible to damage caused by malicious software, file or code that is running in the background. These apps or software use your phone’s resources for crypto mining, ad loading or activity logging which might result in an overheated phone.

Buggy Apps

Android devices easily fall prey to buggy apps given the numerous UI’s and configurations. If your phone is heating while using a specific app, the bug might interfere with your phones processing and heating it up.

Avoid Using Phone While Charging

Using your phone while charging is one of the primary and known causes of an overheated phone. Avoid using your phone for games, video calls or other activities as it can deteriorate the battery life as well.

Take The Case Off

Many smartphones are designed to release heat without any casing and stay cool. However, a case or cover can insulate it from the environment, trapping the heat within and causing the temperature to rise. It is best to remove your case while charging or during heavy usage.

Turn Airplane Mode On

If you are in an area with poor coverage, your phone will constantly search for signals and overheat with time. In this case, it is suggested to turn off data, Wi-Fi, location, hotspot in order to restore your normal phone temperature.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Direct sunlight heats your device due to extreme radiation. It also signals your phone’s brightness to stay full. This way your screen works extra hard which may accumulate for reasons of an overheated phone.

Turn On Battery Saver

You can turn on battery saving mode to optimize usage and prevent excessive battery drain. This will help your phone to stay cool by shutting unused apps and processes running in the background.

Final Words

If all the above stated tips don’t prevent your phone from overheating, our professional cell experts at Electro Deals and Cellphone Repair can help with trusted service and guidance. Dial us at (972) 901-0136 for additional queries.

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